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Everyday Ubuntu: Linux in the home, day two

    Okay, so there were a couple tasks on hand for tonight to play around in the Ubuntu environment – and apparently we're not the only ones giving this a shot – Nothing too strenuous, but here's how they went:

    First up is a little updating of the Excel spreadsheet where I track “Collect All 21!” orders and shipping, so I pop in the CD where I backed up all the documents from the Windows machine. Drive spins up, and there's a familiar-looking box full of icons with all my little doodads (hey – there's my Imperial Guard rubber stamp!) – and tucked in there rather randomly – hey, at least it's all on a single CD labeled “Star Wars” – is my CA21 .xls file. Double-click on it and here comes OpenOffice, and it's all good.

    This is, however, a read-only file, so I've got to save it in a new format on the computer in order to make changes. That's fine. I'll create a whole system later and just chuck it in my named folder for now. The “save as” option is a little daunting, since there are a ton of file formats I'm unfamiliar with. After brief consideration, I opt for the top one, since it's not the Microsoft option. My spreadsheet blinks, and it's all mine for the editing. Changes made, I wipe the grease off the wrench and close the hood, which, frankly, is more metaphor than this task actually needs.   

    Jenn's been home doing her usual computing: paying bills, checking email, visiting IcanHasCheezburger – you know, important stuff. The only minor problem she's had is the wireless network asking for a password. She was, in fact, inadvertently trying to use one of the neighbor's networks. I point her in the direction of our own, and she's off and running. Adjustment Schmadjustment: Jenn hearts Ubuntu.

    Next up: Building the next “Misadventures of a Comic Fan” installment for Field's Edge (it'll run Wednesday). There's really nothing different here, since it's all still done through Firefox.

    I've also written this post in OpenOffice Writer, planning to cut and paste it into the Typepad text box. I haven't used Writer much, but I've been using one word processor or another since I was in middle school, so one's pretty much like the next, and this is as intuitive as anything.

    So, that's Everyday Ubuntu day two – again, I realize I haven't really done anything challenging yet that's truly tested my reaction to a hang-up or a missing driver or a plug-in that won't behave, but over the next few days, I'm planning to test our music and photo management systems, set up Jenn's Rhapsody, and see if I can edit video from the Flip camera she got me for Christmas.

February 9, 2009 - Posted by | Current Affairs, geek, Ohio, Web/Tech, Weblogs, writing

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