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Home Life with Ubuntu, Day Three: A Little Geek Tweak

Last night, we had a brief hiccup regarding the newly-dominant Linux systems in our house. I needed to check a particular detail regarding a paycheck. Problem? The corporate site I needed is accessible only to users of a specific browser, which two of our machines now lack. (Am I being paranoid in not naming said browser? Maybe. But I'm still not doing it. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout Willis.)

At any rate, after a quick Google search and, oh, I don't know, maybe a ridiculously stress-free half-hour of effort tonight, I'm able to check the site from home and all is right with the world. Also, for a newbie, in a situation like this, Ubuntu's double-wide scrolling desktop is a
godsend: Firefox open to the directions on one screen, execute the
process on the other. (Yes, I did try the Firefox User Agent Switcher, incidentally. Seemed promising at first, but didn't quite carry the day. No big deal.)

If I've learned anything in my first few days in Linuxland, it's that answers to questions like that are awfully damn easy to find and the solutions are usually pretty smoothly executed. Keith's done a good job instilling a fair bit of confidence in me and convincing me that I'm not likely to kill the OS with an errant keystroke. And bit by bit, by following directions and reading about these processes as I try them out, I'm getting more comfortable with the system by the day.

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