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Telepathy: Weer doin it rite.

On my way home from work last night, I stopped at the grocery
to pick up some cold medicine from the pharmacy. As I’m passing the greeting
card section, I think, “Oh, hey, I should pick up a Valentine’s Day card for
Kelsey.” (My wife Jenn and I generally don’t go in big for this “holiday,” but we
usually do get cards for our daughter.)

So I walk up to the Valentine display and give a quick scan,
and immediately my eyes land on a card coated in purple glitter because it’s
got a cartoon drawing on the front with a photo of a cat’s head stuck on top,
and around the Booth house, Kitteh Humer: We Haz It All Da Time. (Funny thing:
The woman I’ve ducked in front of to pick this card out sees it in my hand, and
her face lights up – “That’s the one!” she says with a smile, reaching for one
of her own, “I don’t even have to look at the inside!” “You can’t go wrong with
cat heads on cartoon bodies,” I concur with a grin. It’s a nice stranger

I walk over to the pharmacy. I don’t have a prescription, but
I’m getting some of that cold medicine they now keep locked up behind the
counter, so that means I have to stand in the pick-up line.

Which is about 15 people long. This is nobody’s fault and I’m
not mad because I know there’s a drugstore closer to home and not too far out of
the way, and making that stop is still likely to get me home faster than
waiting in this queue.

I set down the perfect Valentine for my daughter and leave
the store empty-handed.

After getting her cold medicine at the drugstore, I leave
without looking for another card because it’s a whole 15 minutes later and
sheesh! who can remember something THAT long when there’s Journey on the radio
begging to be sung along to?

Jenn comes home from work close to 11 p.m.

I’m in bed, half-asleep, but I wake to say hello. As she’s
getting ready for bed, she says, “Oh, you HAVE to see the card I got for
Kelsey. It’s perfect.”

“Dang! I forgot to get one at the drugstore!”

“Well, I figured this would be from both of us anyway. Be
careful,” she says, reaching into a bag, “it’s kind of glittery.”

And this, this THIS is reason #4,834 why I love my wife,
because yes, she has brought the same card I’d had in my hand for our daughter five hours earlier.

LOLBooths: Brainz. We sharez dem.


February 13, 2009 - Posted by | Current Affairs, geek, Ohio, Weblogs, writing

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