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Winning Hand

Thanks to a sudden muffled WHUMP of snowfall late this afternoon, I spent some quality alone time shoveling the driveway after dark tonight. (Digression: Venus was crazy bright. Like airplane-coming-in-for-a-landing bright. In the five minutes it took me to go inside and grab binoculars and come back outside, snow clouds had hidden it.)

So, anyway, I was mentally going over the weekend, and I realized what a fantastic hand of dad-daughter bonding I'd been dealt. Consider: Saturday afternoon, Jenn had to work. Kelsey and I finished up chores, then headed to the library because, in part, she's gotten this urge to see "The Birds." Sadly, the DVD wasn't in – we reserved it – but we did check out two discs packed with old Twilight Zone episodes, which she has also been digging on lately. We also grabbed Jeff Smith's "Stupid, Stupid Rat-tails" Bone collection. (Don't get me wrong – Kelsey's also very much a sixth-grade girl: She checked out "Marley and Me." Again. And she had a kid nostalgia thing going, so she checked out the "Eloise at The Plaza" movie.) Oh, and we checked out a "Choose Your Own Adventure" cartoon DVD, which Kelsey later mercilessly mocked and proclaimed LAAAAAaaaame!

We'd met my brother Nick at the library, so we went to his house for a bit o' Rock Band 2. Fatherly Pride = daughter acing drums on "We Got the Beat" AND Metallica's "Battery."

Back home, we had dinner and then turned out the lights to watch some Twilight Zone, including the classic "The Invaders" – which she totally bought into despite the goofy spacemen effects and the fact that she's known the twist ending for a long time – and "Twenty Two," a genuinely creepy and tense episode that had her asking to watch that "Choose Your Own Adventure" goofiness to kind of lighten the mood.

Today, all three of us went to the YMCA for some track and swimming. I did five miles, but the two coolest were the ones Kelsey ran with me. She did one solid mile, took a break and caught her breath walking with Jenn while I kept going, and came back to join me for another. It's the first time she's run that far with me, and the last half-mile she asked me to talk to her as a distraction, so I kept encouraging her and talking about what it's like on race day and what I focus on when I'm out running by myself and telling her to put up a finger on her right hand every time we completed a lap during the final five.

It was tremendously cool, and my own last mile I practically floated.

That's a stack of chips I'll treasure for a long time.

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