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Got time to check out my latest short story?

Yes. Yes, you do. It’ll take like two seconds. Six if you decide to have an over-long blink in the middle, because this is a Thaumatrope short story written for the 140-character limitations of Twitter.

So, here’s the link to my first Thaumatrope publication. It’s the second of the two tweets today – and how cool is it that I’m right there with  Alethea Kontis? (Reason 42 to love Thaumatrope? Where else am I going to wind up on a contributors list like this?)

Could I have cut-and-pasted my story here? Sure I could! But if I did that, there’d be no chance of you getting sucked into the regularly clever and odd and entertaining science fiction, horror and fantasy Twitter feed that is Thaumatrope. (A heads-up – the hashtag designations either signal a Thaumatrope book, game or film review, or more likely, an entry into an ongoing serial – Alethea’s entry today, for example, continues her Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome.)

I got the thumbs-up on this a few months back and have been itching to share. That its publication comes on the first day of spring and my last official day of employment (One of those, of course, was on the calendar for a long time. The other was, um, not.) could be a very encouraging sign, if one prefers to believe in such things. Which I do.

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