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Donuts of Champions

Late last week, Keith sent an email to the four of us who ran this year’s “In Like A Lion,” and another running buddy of his, too.

It was about another race.

This race:

Two miles downhill, eat a dozen Krispy Kremes, then two miles back uphill.Yes, really. Here’s an ESPN video.

Now, I’ll admit that my first reaction was No. Freaking. Way. But then I watched that video and found myself surprisingly … inspired. The “squashing the donuts” strategy seems marvelous: Heck, it basically turns the dozen into three or four big, sweet bagels, and if I had minimal food for 18 hours or so beforehand, I probably could do this…

So Keith’s email triggers a flurry of responses, since we’re all runners – and eaters – of widely varying standards and ability. Stuff like, “I wonder if we could convince the organizers to add a ‘relay’ category,” and “What if we add a time-subtraction bonus for eating more than a dozen, to even the field for the non-speedy?” and “How far past finishing time does the ‘puke-and-you’re-out’ rule extend?” (Seriously – that last one spurred way more technicality debate than you want to know. Sliding scale? How much should it offset the Bonus Donut Rule? etc.)

We’ve got most of a year to figure out those details, establish proper training programs, and, most importantly, find suitable inspiration.

“Chariots of Fire?” No.

Little Chocolate Donuts?” Yes.

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