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Something fishy.

I took five rolls of film (Yes, film. I dug them out from beneath the abacus and stacks of papyrus on my desk.) to the drugstore yesterday, just for fun. Had a vague idea of what would be on a couple of them, but there was still enough mystery that I was excited to get the CDs home – Prints, you say? When I don’t even KNOW what’s on there? How quaint. – and pop them into the computer for some family photoarchaeology.

Digression: I wish Walgreen’s had mentioned that their CDs aren’t straight data storage. They have the photos locked up within an editing/sharing software program that you have to run. At least you don’t have to install the software – although if you’re not careful, you will because the check box defaults to that setting upon exiting – and it’s easy enough to copy the files onto a desktop, but only after I got home did I see the fine print that this particular software requires (of course) Windows. Well, crap. Look, I get that by switching to Ubuntu, we’ve limited some of our software options, but come on: I’m ordering only digital photos, and nobody thinks to ask if I’m maybe running a Mac? >sigh.< I’m sure if I’d earned a higher Ubuntu-Fu belt by now, I could’ve given a shot at trying to run the disc in Wine or something, but I resorted to just using our one remaining Windows machine to read the discs, copy the photos onto a flash drive, and get the hell out of MS-Dodge.

So, what was on the film? A fairly significant time span, given that it was only five rolls – and two of those were filled with shots from the point-and-shoot fisheye camera Jim got for my daughter. One 24-picture roll even had pictures from two successive Christmases  – between which , oddly enough, we’d had the family room re-carpeted,  so our photos look like a Hollywood continuity error.

Mostly they were just family snapshots, but there were a couple of the fisheye shots that came out neat:

This is our backyard, snow-globe style. (Here’s a bigger version.)

And this is my daughter’s shot of me working amidst the glorious sugar chaos of our annual Christmas Cookie decorating day. (Big version here.) We had black-and-white film in the camera for this one, and I like the effect. The graininess and the offset shadow kind of remind me of those M.C. Escher “world reflected in a silver globe” drawings.

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Star Wars Celebration Revisited: Day 2.

Jim’s got more in his look back at the first Star Wars Celebration: Here’s Day Two.

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Star Wars Celebration: A Decade Later

Over at his shiny new blog, Jim is revisiting his 1999 trip to Star Wars Celebration: Here’s the intro; he follows it up with a harrowing tale of travel, and then moves on to Day One, nicely capturing the energy of fandom and the atmosphere and the rain and the mud and One. Bad. Burrito.

(On a totally unrelated note, Jim’s photoblog update today is this nice shot of Elvis Costello.)

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Penguicon countdown.

How long until we hit the road for Penguicon? This long.

I’m deep in the important preparations: Laptop batteries & spares? Charged.  (Yes, Jenn has been warned we’re taking the laptop with us, so she can spend the next few days adjusting to avoid separation anxiety. My wife loves an Ubuntu-equipped laptop. How awesome.) New double-As for the Flip and our digital cameras? Check. (Note to self: Clear the memory cards so we’ve got plenty of room for pictures. And don’t forget the USB cables.) Route: Mapped. (Look – we’re on here! We’re the red marker – see? We’re waving right now!) Schedule? Highlighted.

Kelsey & Me? Gearing. To. GO.

I haven’t made a full-on con road trip since Celebration III in 2005.

I considered looking into a table at the Artists Alley, but decided that since this was my first Penguicon and my daughter’s first convention, I’d rather be immersed in it and not feel like I was chained to my own little stack of Collect All 21! copies while everybody else was eating Schadenfreude Pie. Still, being amidst a crowd of do-it-yourselfers, I figure I’ll equip myself for some casual self-promotion accordingly. (There are, after all, even a few panels about this very thing!) I’m getting some Collect All 21! postcards printed up, and I’ll have a good supply of the New and Improved Edition on hand.

One of the local 501st garrisons is supposed to be there for awhile on Saturday, so I’m hoping there might be a Star Wars fan or two in that bunch.

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Hey, I KNOW that guy!

Tim O’Shea at Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with Adam Besenyodi about “Deus ex Comica: The Rebirth of a Comic Fan.” You should go read it, then maybe order a book or five, and then make a road trip to Bills Books & More in Canton, Ohio this weekend to get it appropriately signed on Free Comic Book Day.

Just a thought.

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News from the Field’s Edge

A couple years back, Jim Carchidi and I started Field’s Edge as a semi-bloggish online magazine where we could publish the features and essays and photos and projects that we were tackling just for fun outside of our full-time journalism jobs. And we had a blast. We ran interviews with Star Wars model maker Lorne Peterson, artist Tara McPherson, Milk and Cheese creator Evan Dorkin; Jim brought in a ton of amazing art on every thing from a music-legend-laden Monday Night Football intro filming shoot to B.B. King to Chinese New Year and MegaCon. (Jim, incidentally, is setting up a new site and already has some amazing pictures there.)

We did personal essays and reviews and pop culture things like my look at The Breakfast Club and thoughts on seeing The Police reunited, and Jim’s adventures in flying and IKEA. (And of course, two years ago, the essay series that eventually grew into Collect All 21! began here, too.)

My longtime friend Adam Besenyodi jumped in with contributions on Nine Inch Nails, children’s television, Chuck D, and Deus ex Comica, another essay series which grew into a book. (Adam also introduced us to Evad Sdrawkcab and “The Misadventures of a Comic Fan,” which we ran for awhile.)

It was always fun to have Field’s Edge around, even when it sat for awhile relatively unattended, because it gave us an outlet. And while I’ve archived most of the original pages and articles so the existing links floating around out there don’t go dead, with my recent launch into the world of full-time freelance writing, editing and consulting, I felt the site needed reworked, especially since I use the domain to send and receive work-related email.

So I’ve been learning the basic tweaks and tricks of WordPress, switched my hosting over to a much cheaper and easier-to-use Linux-based service, and seem to have ironed out the biggest wrinkles in setting up and customizing the new

This blog’s not going anywhere, of course. I’m thinking of as kind of my online office, where you can get in touch with me for writing, editing and communications projects, and this blog as my outlet for everything else.

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Yes, I have more important things to blog about today. But until I get through the other chores on my list and get around to writing about those things, enjoy today’s laugh-because-it’s-funny-scream-in-bloody-throated-frustration-because-it’s-true xkcd:

(The hidden rollover text is also good. Visit the original at xkcd to read it.)

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On the line

Our clothes dryer’s on the fritz; no repairman until Monday.

May I say, though, that when Mrs. Sun and Mr. Wind are at the top of their team game, as they are this weekend, their efficiency makes Mr. Maytag look like a bush-leaguer.

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Irregular genius.

David Morgan-Mar’s got a golden “Irregular Webcomic!” today and sharing it cannot wait.

The winning point in this one is scored not by the strip itself – though it is funny – but in the fascinating write-up below it.

Astronomy, exploration, history, and a vintage Aaron Spelling reference?

Here’s the first panel – click on it to read the rest.


(Or here. It’s worth it.)

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JediCon WV 2009, Here I Come!

It’s waaaay too nice a day for me to spend an awful lot of daylight here at the computer, but I’m really excited about this news: On Saturday, October 10, at the Kruger Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia, I’ll be a guest at JediCon WV 2009 at the very kind invitation of co-founder Mike McMillan.

And look at this: Star Wars Topps Galaxy artist Don Pedicini, Jr. is going to be there, as are Kim Simmons – The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker –  and Jon Seay, a Star Wars animator from who’s supposed to be bringing pieces of the original Death Star used in filming.

Between now & then I’ll be stocking up on copies of Collect All 21! to sign and sell. (Hm…Mr. Seay? Yeah, um, how many copies would I have to offer in trade for … never mind.)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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