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Deus ex Comica: The Rebirth of a Comic Book Fan

I’ve been meaning to blog this all week, so hopefully I’m making up for my lateness (“I don’t feel tardy”) by putting it here now on Friday, where it will likely take up the top spot for a couple days while I’m traveling.

Deus ex Comica

Adam’s book is finally here.

I picked up my copy earlier this week, and seeing this thing in print after spending most of the last year watching it come to life (and even helping a little bit) is nothing short of fan-freaking-tastic.

I was never as into comic books as Adam was, but reading this collection of flashbacks and insights and pure love for the medium is just plain fun, and yes, this is a completely biased recommendation, but whether you – “or someone you love,” as they say on TV – are an avid comic fan or haven’t picked up an issue in decades even though you scarfed them up as a kid, you should read this book. I mean, Tom DeFalco wrote the foreword, for the love o’Pete.

I also owe Adam for this project providing me some inspiration regarding “Collect All 21,” but that’s for another post.

Now, go read “Deus ex Comica’s” intro and the first chapter at – it’ll be on Amazon soon, but seriously, why wait?


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