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Running for clarity

I’ve spent an awful lot of time at the computer since getting back from Florida, and while it’s been extremely productive (with the exception of trying to master the art of bringing new stars into the cosmos), I still felt like I needed to get away from the keyboard and the screen today.

So, since I had to mail our state income tax form, I ran to the post office. In the literal sense.

It was a perfect morning for it, though it might not have looked the part: Overcast, not-really-a-drizzle-but-more-than-fog in the air, temperature in the mid 40s when I left the house at 8:45 with an envelope in my sweatshirt pocket and a quarter in each hand for a stamp.

It had been 15 days since my last run, so I wasn’t sure how the layoff would hit me, but … wow. From start to finish, I felt relaxed and In The Zone. I focused on breathing and let my mind wander and bounce and consider.

Things I saw along the way: A small mound of blue and green and purple aquarium gravel at the end of a driveway; a pile of plastic water bottle caps – with no bottles or other trash in sight – in a front yard.

The post office wasn’t busy, so my midpoint stopover lasted about five minutes before I headed back home by another route.

I was feeling so good that I was two-thirds of the way up a particularly long, grinding hill before I realized I hadn’t had my usual “head-down-push-through-it-don’t-look-toward-the-top” moment at the bottom because I’d been thinking about other things entirely. Realizing this put even more spring in my step.

I started the last half-mile at a nice brisk pace, and when I turned onto our street for the final two-tenths I had the energy to just pour it on. I love finishing strong. Even when I’ve had a tough run with one or more of those “just don’t stop” mental battles, I always feel better when I hit the driveway feeling like I’m flying.

Checking the Gmaps Pedometer when I got home, I figured out that my loop measured about four miles.

I feel like I covered some good mental distance, too.


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