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Florida revisited (again)

I wanted to save some of these until after the GeekDad post was up, but this is (probably) the last batch of the Florida wildlife and NASA snapshots and video, since I’ve got other things from the trip to write about. Jim Carchidi shot the pictures.

So here are the before-and-after images of the anole I mentioned in my “critters” post:

It changed color so fast that for a minute, I wasn’t even sure we had the same anole. That little piece of skin molting off its back leg was the giveaway.

Jim got some great pictures of the alligator on Merritt Island, and I think I like this one the best because the angle and the sunlight reveal what’s beneath the water in nice detail. (Cue “The Old Man” from “A Christmas Story”: “It’s … uh … smiling at me…”)

(Here’s the large version, if you want to get closer.)

Seeing Atlantis on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center, even from a distance was awesome:

(It’s absolutely worth it to look at the large versions of this one and the close up of Atlantis.) Though you can’t quite make it out in the photos, I love that the giant red lettering on those spherical tanks warns: “LIQUID OXYGEN – NO SMOKING.” It makes me wonder who would need to be reminded of that.

For kicks, I used my little Flip video camera to shoot the launch pads and the Vehicle Assembly Building through one of the lenses of a set of binoculars. It’s a partial success, I think:

Finally, here’s me in training for my next flight, courtesy of the downtown Orlando Publix supermarket:

Couldn’t resist.

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