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Something fishy.

I took five rolls of film (Yes, film. I dug them out from beneath the abacus and stacks of papyrus on my desk.) to the drugstore yesterday, just for fun. Had a vague idea of what would be on a couple of them, but there was still enough mystery that I was excited to get the CDs home – Prints, you say? When I don’t even KNOW what’s on there? How quaint. – and pop them into the computer for some family photoarchaeology.

Digression: I wish Walgreen’s had mentioned that their CDs aren’t straight data storage. They have the photos locked up within an editing/sharing software program that you have to run. At least you don’t have to install the software – although if you’re not careful, you will because the check box defaults to that setting upon exiting – and it’s easy enough to copy the files onto a desktop, but only after I got home did I see the fine print that this particular software requires (of course) Windows. Well, crap. Look, I get that by switching to Ubuntu, we’ve limited some of our software options, but come on: I’m ordering only digital photos, and nobody thinks to ask if I’m maybe running a Mac? >sigh.< I’m sure if I’d earned a higher Ubuntu-Fu belt by now, I could’ve given a shot at trying to run the disc in Wine or something, but I resorted to just using our one remaining Windows machine to read the discs, copy the photos onto a flash drive, and get the hell out of MS-Dodge.

So, what was on the film? A fairly significant time span, given that it was only five rolls – and two of those were filled with shots from the point-and-shoot fisheye camera Jim got for my daughter. One 24-picture roll even had pictures from two successive Christmases  – between which , oddly enough, we’d had the family room re-carpeted,  so our photos look like a Hollywood continuity error.

Mostly they were just family snapshots, but there were a couple of the fisheye shots that came out neat:

This is our backyard, snow-globe style. (Here’s a bigger version.)

And this is my daughter’s shot of me working amidst the glorious sugar chaos of our annual Christmas Cookie decorating day. (Big version here.) We had black-and-white film in the camera for this one, and I like the effect. The graininess and the offset shadow kind of remind me of those M.C. Escher “world reflected in a silver globe” drawings.

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  1. Really, really cool photos man!

    Comment by Ivan | April 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks! I wish we’d taken more “scenic” shots with the fisheye, but they were mostly super-goofy close-ups of our faces and stuff. Oh, they’re amusing, all right, but you’re not likely to see them here. :)

    Comment by jrbooth | May 1, 2009 | Reply

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