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Penguicon, GeekDad, and some neat news!

So this is my last pre-Penguicon post, and it comes with some Super Fun Bonus News!

I’ve got a pre-trip psyche-up post on Wired‘s GeekDad blog (Click! Digg! Share!) which, the sharp-eyed reader will notice, includes a tag at the bottom slightly different from my previous two guest posts: [This post was written by new GeekDad contributor John Booth]

I guess it’s OK to share that bit of news, then! Being invited on board as one of the new contributors is quite the sugar rush, and I’m really looking forward to diving in and working with the other writers and editors who launched and built the blog into such an incredibly cool site.

Now: Penguicon Ho!

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Star Wars Celebration Revisited: The Last Day

Ten years on, Jim reminisces about the first Star Wars Celebration. Day Three includeds a surprise guest appearance by Mr. Sun!

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