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I can’t help you … but HE can.

One of the first two videocassettes I ever recorded movies on includes (yes, INCLUDES – I still have it) The Breakfast Club, The Blues Brothers, and Cannonball Run. My little brothers and I watched that last one over and over and over and I’m sure we drove our parents nuts replaying dialogue and scenes and quoting the outtakes. Hell, we still quote the outtakes! (“If I had the time, I’d take those rosary bleads and shove ’em up your nose.” “These bleads? These f’in bleads?“) It’s a ridiculous, borderline offensive, Absolutely Eighties movie that puts the old HBO theme music in my head and takes me to a time when I knew all the channel & switch combinations on our TV & cable box. (The box had a sliding knob that went from “standard” to “P1” and “P2,” so, for example, if you wanted to watch MTV, you turned the television to channel 11 and the box to P1. MTV=11P1. That’s the only one I remember.)

So I can’t believe that somehow I missed the news this week that Captain Chaos has fallen.


You will be missed, Dom DeLuise. And for the record, many of us did, in fact notice, that you & J.J. still should have won the Cannonball, because you started long after Adrienne Barbeau and her fellow Lamborghini lady had hit the road. Kudos on saving that woman’s dog.


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