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Thaumatrope Fiction Relocation Project

Twitter ‘zine Thaumatrope has officially announced its Fiction Relocation Project, aiming to place its 140-character (That’s “character” as in letters, numbers, punctuation and stuff. Not “Holy crap there are 140 characters in this? What – is it The Stand SuperUncutDeluxe?”)stories into the empty nooks and crannies of convention program guides. Kind of a neat idea, particularly the notion of convention organizers being able to find local authors who’ve been published on the site. So: free publicity for the writers, and free publicity for the cons, which will get a mention on Thaumatrope, if I’m reading it right. Looks like Balticon will be the first participant.

I signed on, so my first Thaumatrope story is in the mix, and I’ve got a second scheduled for late this summer. I mean, given the sheer volume of fiction Tweets to choose from, I’m not counting on mine landing anywhere, but hey, slight odds beat zero odds any day.


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