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Golly-Gee / Go Ahead 3

I’ve been working the phone and computer a LOT today. Who’s up for unwinding with a rousing round of “The New Adventures of Gilligan?”

(click for the bigger version)

(click for the bigger version)

I got this at a garage sale years ago for a DIME. That’s more than ninety percent off the original $1.08 price tag, my bargain-hunting friends! (A price tag which, oddly enough, labels this product “Health & Beauty.” Maybe it was next to the coconut shampoos and banana skin lotion?)

(You REALLY want to see the big version of this. Go ahead. Click.)

(You REALLY want to see the big version of this. Go ahead. Click.)

How cool is this board, anyway? Here’s a straight overhead view. A stand-up hut, mountains in the background, and a tree-arch jungle you can get lost in. Everyone (ages 6 to 12, at least) is a winner!  (Yeah – 6 to 12. Really? Kelsey’s 12, yet somehow I don’t see her picking this over Munchkin Bites anytime soon.)

And in case you’re wondering why this cartoon version of Ginger has white hair, it’s because (if you believe Wikipedia), the creators apparently feared actress Tina Louise’s possible objections to the use of her image.

Ready? Roll to see who goes first!

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