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If you can’t get Dad a 12-back Han Solo… could get him something from the GeekDad Father’s Day Gift Guide, to which I contributed some cinematic suggestions. Part one is up today, part two is on the way.


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It was, like, awesome, of course.

Our friends Adam and Tracy threw a 1980s prom-themed party on Saturday (which I hinted at a few weeks ago) and it was an absolute blast. Bartles & Jaymes on ice, an appropriately awesome playlist on the stereo, Swatches, skinny ties, sprayed-to-near-death hair, and a paint-splash photo backdrop just for starters.

We shot for a kind of Andie/Duckie feel with our outfits. (Honestly, I think I may have actually worn something very much like my get-up to a New Order/PiL/Sugarcubes concert that was 20 years ago this summer at Blossom Music Center. True Faith indeed.) I picked up a throwback-style wrist corsage – approx. 12 lbs., ribbons enough for three – and we posed for pictures on the front porch where I did the same thing two decades back.

In the interest of embarrassing nobody but myself – ’cause that’ s My Prerogative – I’ll limit my sharing to these two photos. (Courtesy of Tracy, master o’the camera!

Think I Better Dance Now

Caroline laughs and it's raining all day.

And me with one of my prizes:

Dude: Respect Yourself.

Yes, that’s a cassette of Bruce Willis’ “The Return of Bruno.” Jenn snagged a copy of Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel.” We also brought home the original “Pee Wee Herman Show” HBO special. On VHS, naturally, kindly rewound.

Details: Big ugly Swatch? Yes, real, and yes, actually mine from the, um, “archives.” Sunglasses in the pocket? Cheap-ass Wayfarer knock-offs, which in my case is far more authentic than having the real thing. I couldn’t find my really old owl-lens gold-rimmed glasses, but these did the trick nicely. And the hat? Back of the head makes all the difference if you want to recreate these truly authentic 1980s ears which look like open car doors.

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So … Azrael would be, what, a warg?

If you don’t want to see Gargamel reimagined as the Dark Lord Sauron in today’s Penny Arcade comic, do not click here. Otherwise, feel free, because it’s funny. Also, the observation about “Aragorn’s Quest” in the first panel? Yeah, I can see that.

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