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Tiki Two: Screaming Boogaloo

I really enjoyed last October’s inaugural Screaming Tiki Con in Niles, but with all that’s gone on the past few months, I’d pretty well forgotten that organizer Peter Smith was, even then, working on a follow-up for this summer.

It was only in mid-May that I remembered to check up on it, and in fact, the second Screaming Tiki is coming up this weekend near Playhouse Square in Cleveland. Another impressive guest list, too: This time, they’ve got Admiral Frakking Adama himself, Edward James Olmos, and Erin “Col. Wilma Deering and Hot Woman from ‘Silver Spoons’ whose Character Name Escapes Me” Gray.

They’ve also tied aspects of the con strongly to the successful effort to save the house where Superman was born, and will host not only a panel with members of both the Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster families, but a ribbon cutting ceremony at the house on Saturday.

Of course, I have plans this weekend which will most likely keep me from reaching the Screaming Tiki this year, but I had a blast last October and wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone that Peter put together a good con on a relatively small stage. Hopefully he comes through even better on a bigger one.


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