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I went to Caledonia, Ohio…

…and all I got was this AWESOME T-shirt:

General Mills Fun Group forever.

General Mills Fun Group forever.

Okay, so I also got a very cool vintage Kenner Canada Star Wars coloring book packed with illustrations that are just made for some rainy-day scanning fun.

The OSWCC Summer Social never disappoints. EVER.

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Seventeen Saturdays: Episode V

Double digit distance for the first time! My brother and I ran a 10.18-miler this morning in 1:27:57, which works out to about 8:38 per mile. This absolutely stunned me because the last two miles felt utterly punishing, and for several seemingly endless moments, I felt barely ahead of shambling zombie pace during that stretch, with my upper legs and knees groaning in resistance.

Afterward, though, it didn’t take me long to realize I felt much better after this week’s run than the nine-miler we did last Saturday. And weirdly, crossing the 10-mile mark felt much less like a Frontier and more like a somewhat arbitrary goal on paper, while last week’s actually did feel like a tangible, breakable barrier. I don’t know if it’s because last Saturday’s long run represented a jump of 4 miles over the previous week’s, or if it was because that one allowed me to head into the ten-miler more prepared mentally and physically.

I made sure to eat something before hitting the road today – just a piece and a half of wheat toast with peanut butter, but I’d packed down a big pasta dinner last night in anticipation of this morning, and remember, I unintentionally ran that nine-miler on no breakfast. I was also less hesitant this week to drink my water along the way. Not to the point of constant sipping, but just trying to stay hydrated during the run as opposed to waiting until I really felt whipped. I think I took my first quick gulp between around two-and-a-half miles in, then again around the halfway mark, and another in the final two miles.

Don’t get me wrong: This was a long damn run, and I was really feeling at my limit during the lengthy climb that took up the first half of mile ten, but I also didn’t feel like I was fighting anything near the mental battles I was waging from almost the start last week.

This was also a wholly new running route for me, and had a completely different vibe from most of the runs I’ve done so far. Instead of heading out into the fields and back roads, we ran down into North Canton, so there were some nice stretches of sidewalk for a change, and jogging through neighborhoods maybe has a different mental effect because yards and houses and stop signs pass more quickly than sprawling farms and distant treelines.

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