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Throwback: Vintage Kenner Coloring Book, part one

I picked this up at the OSWCC Summer Social a few weeks ago, and it’s just awfully neat and fun for a couple reasons. The top image is actually the back cover, but the French logo just looks cool.

The real joys, though, lie inside. Clearly, there were a few different artists at work on this little gem. For instance, this is not a bad picture:

There’s a lot of attention to detail in there, especially for a coloring book: the pattern on Aunt Beru’s collar; the painted shapes on the ceiling; the vaporators in the background. It even somehow captures the moods in the scene, from grumpy ol’ Uncle Owen to concerned, motherly Aunt Beru to “I’m so boooored and lonely” Luke.

Then, of course, you get a picture like this one:

See, I can’t even come up with a smart-ass enough comment for it. I’ll just point out that Leia’s expression is fantastically awful and that Luke’s hands seem to have melted like wax and fused around that tube of toothpaste he’s firing.

The whole book is like this, back-and-forth between the decent and the horrible, and I’ll share two more in this entry, saving a couple other doozies for another day.

The good:

…and the, well, um…

Meet Darth Minicranium, whose head was shriveled in a bizarre gardening accident. The only thing that makes him happy these days is wearing his sunglasses and favorite striped PJs.


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