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“Smoke up, Johnny!” – Things I Love So Far About “Community.”

Updated 12/15/2009 – Noticing that reuglar searches for the origin of “Smoke Up, Johnny!” and other Breakfast Club lines are bringing visitors here, I figured I’d just put the link to my Breakfast Club quote piece up here at the top to make things easier. Here you go: John Hughes and The Breakfast Club – Forever Quotable.

Yes, the new NBC show‘s just one episode in, but I can tell you this: We had to pause and rewind it twice because I was laughing so hard and enjoying it so much.

Joel McHale – Jenn and I are huuuuuuge fans of “The Soup,” and Joel’s delivery and approach to the character ring familiar without feeling out-of-place in a fictional setting.

The 1980s references: Large chunks of the pilot made me warm and fuzzy and/or nearly caused some coffee-through-the-nose snortage by loudly validating my opinion of The Breakfast Club‘s lasting relevance. Also, I may now have to elevate “Smoke up, Johnny!” to an A-level quote status. (And the closing music with the dedication to John Hughes? Don’t you make me get misty-eyed again, you genius bastards.)

The writers seem well-aware of the stereotyped characters which it half-embraces and half-mocks, and so far I think they’re doing a bang-up job of creating a stand-alone show and a light spoof at the same time.

Chevy Chase. As far as the pilot went, his performance was the biggest and best surprise. He absolutely locked in on the role of a guy who clearly wants to be revered for his past accomplishments without coming off as an ACTOR who wants to be revered for his past accomplishments. It would have been very easy for NBC to blow his role out of proportion and promote this whole thing as Comedy Legend Chevy Chase’s Triumphant Return, and frankly, I half-expected his performance to have that air of “Look at me I was FLETCH for God’s sake!!!” But he pulled the whole genuinely confused thing off marvelously understated.

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