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Canton, Colesville and Google Maps

Updated: Here’s a (Canton) Repository story on it, with not an ‘alleged Canton historian’ in sight.

The news about Canton becoming Colesville is spreading: Fox 8 (WJW) up in Cleveland has a short story about it this afternoon.

It’s kind of a poorly-sourced piece, leaning on one “anonymous Canton resident” for some opinion (note: there’s now an accompanying video with a few more opinions – wow, they actually sent a crew out for this?) and serving up this less-than-authoritative gem:

Finally, some alleged Canton Historians believe it’s correct.

Eddy McLoud, who has no evidence to support his theory, says “That (Colesville) is the township that was here way before they came up with the city name Canton, Ohio.

Still, I remain amused. And so, seemingly, does whoever edited the city’s Wikipedia entry to include: Due to a change in Google Maps, Canton’s name has been changed to Colesville. (Yeah, the change didn’t stick long. Still funny.)

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  2. In an equally strange twist of fate, Colesville MD has changed its name to Canton – courtesy of Google Maps of course.

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