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Rumors in the Imperial Senate: Star Wars Celebration V

UPDATED 12/3/2009 – Celebration V set for Orlando!

Along with thousands of other Star Wars fans, I’m already geeked about next year’s Star Wars Celebration V, even though we don’t know where or when it’s taking place.

Me, I loved the years it was in Indianapolis, though I’m probably biased because that made it just a five-hour drive for me, and I missed out on Celebration IV because a west-coast trip wasn’t in my budget.

The most-often-mentioned finalist cities for the 2010 edition (Happy 30th Birthday Empire Strikes Back!) have, for months, been Orlando, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

Orlando’s bid for next Aug. 12-15 has gotten the highest-profile press, and with Baltimore’s announcement that they didn’t land the con, the odds seem to be shifting in Florida’s favor: Not much has been noted regarding Indy and Chicago. Worth noting – although the Indianapolis Convention Center still has that same weekend open on next year’s calendar, Wizard World Chicago is booked for those dates, too.

The Baltimore Business Journal broke the story of that city’s failed bid, so naturally, that was the lead that most people focused on, but this morning, I noticed the according to this cached version of the entire article,  Minneapolis is off the list, too. (The article explicitly notes that Minneapolis lost its bid without addressing Indianapolis, but also lists only Chicago and Orlando as “still in the running.”)

As long Celebration V is east of the Mississippi, I’ll be there, but I admit, I’m pulling for Orlando  – and yes, having lived there for six years, I know how damned hot it’s going to be, and that it’s hurricane season – since my good friend and fellow Star Wars nut Jim lives all of five minutes from the convention center.

It’s a long way off, I know, but when we covered Celebration III, we had our room more than a year ahead of time and were able to start planning and saving well in advance.

We’ll have a blast wherever and whenever it is, but I just want to know, y’know?

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  1. Heard on the Today show that Star Wars stuff was hot toy-wise this year due to the “cartoon” Clone Wars movie. They showed a legos ship. I would prefer Hans Solo live……

    Comment by Pam | November 23, 2009 | Reply

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