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Things collide here.

I declare this Christmas card – AWESOME.

This just has me hyper.

I haven’t talked to Mark Corcoran, illustrator of Star Wars: The Mystery of The Rebellious Robot since I got back in touch with him in September to chat about the 30th anniversary of the book’s release. At the time, the Booth house was caught in a massive wave of Beatlemania from the build-up to The Beatles: Rock Band – and Mark & I talked awhile about the Fab Four’s movies and albums and how cool it was that my 12-year-old daughter can drop quotes from “A Hard Day’s Night” and debate the merits of “Revolver” vs. “Rubber Soul.”

In the mailbox this afternoon, I was surprised to find a small envelope from Mark.

Inside, this hand-drawn Card of Sheer Awesome:

He's very clean.


I was just rendered spastic and went into giddy geek convulsions rushing to show it to Jenn & Kelsey. The Beatle ‘do, the scissors clutched in R2’s extender arm, and the quote from “A Hard Day’s Night,” – to say nothing of Mark’s gorgeous attention to detail – it just gave me this rush of delight.

Inside was a note reading “Hey Booths” – with, no less, “Booths” rendered in a perfect echo of the famous Beatles logo! – “Happy Krimble!” – a reference to the band’s 1963 Christmas message to its fan club.

I mean, seriously: I can’t get over just how amazingly neat this is.

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