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Reflections and goals.

I was already figuring on looking back at my short list of geeky goals for 2009 and consider the things I want to get done in 2010, and these two posts from a couple of my fellow GeekDad writers put me in the mood to go ahead and take care of it tonight.

So, to revisit my resolutions inspired by the now-defunct Geeks group at Propeller, which I blogged on the last day of 2008:

Install/learn a Linux operating system on one of our home computers and bid adieu to Windows.

Done, thanks to friends Keith and Pete. And while we still keep Windows on one machine for Jenn & Kelsey’s easy use of iTunes and Rhapsody, all the rest of our work has been on our new Ubuntu systems, all speedy and virus-free.

Beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Two years after getting the game and setting it aside for long stretches when I got stuck, I finally managed to complete this quest on same weekend I ran the Towpath Marathon, and I did it without hints or cheating.

Find someone to write a foreword for Collect All 21!
David Morgan-Mar graciously answered the call, which, coupled with an awesome cover redesign by Kirk Demarais, made for a great re-launch.

What the heck – find a publisher for both Collect All 21! and Crossing Decembers.

Okay, that’s a FAIL on both counts, but I did learn some good lessons this year in that department.

Tackle another book-length fiction project.

Another FAIL, although I do have probably two-thirds of another non-fiction book finished.

At the other end of the spectrum, land a few more Thaumatrope submissions and some stuff for the upcoming Everyday Weirdness.

Done and done: Thaumatrope ran two pieces of Twitter fiction, and Everyday Weirdness published “August.”

And while it wasn’t on my geek list of resolutions, I’m proud to say I did achieve one other major goal this year, running and finishing my first marathon.

Additionally, though it wasn’t by choice, I did begin my career as a work-at-home writer and editor, which has always been my goal.

As for 2010, while there are some specifics I’ll get to in a few minutes, I realized that most of them will evenutally be met if I can just go to bed every night knowing that I honestly put an effort into writing, running and organizing. In fact, I’ve designed my first-ever flowchart as a reminder, defining daily success as hard work in two out of those three areas:

When I started putting this together, I found myself quickly getting a little too specific: Should I differentiate writing and editing I do for work from my personal blogging or working on books or story ideas? Should I put a mileage goal on here, or specifically mention that the “organization” is really about getting my office in order once and for all? I decided to leave the chart in its simplest form, though, because you know what? I damn well better KNOW by now what each of these daily goals means, and I ought to be able to be honest with myself and not say, “Well, I RAN to the mailbox and I WROTE four Tweets and I CLEARED six square inches of desk space, so, Yay Me It’s Time For Rock Band.”

Writing-wise, I will say that I want to have that nonfiction book finished in the next few months, and that I’m aiming to have some serious fiction done by the end of the year, too.

As for running, I don’t yet know what, if any, specific goals I’ll put forth this year. I’m not sure I feel like another marathon yet, so I might put my effort into doing a really hard two-mile or five-mile run, or maybe a half-marathon. Or maybe I’ll come up with some sort of total mileage goal, like 1000 miles in 2010, which seems pretty reasonable.

The organization is mostly in terms of finishing painting my office and getting my workspace the way I want it, ditching and sorting and saving and displaying and shelving all these piles of stuff.

What most of it can be boiled down to is making good use of all this butt-in-chair time and the hours spent in my little room in the northwest corner of our house.

Deep breath.

One day down. (It was a WIN.)

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