Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Building blocks.

Update: Fellow GeekDad writer Jonathan Liu says these look an awful lot like Wechsler Blocks, which I’d never heard of, but are (were?) apparently used in psychological testing. Interesting.

I can’t recall a time when these blocks were not among my toys.

Just a couple of blocks, about one-and- 9/16 inches square on a side.

When I go back in memory, they’re there, in the wooden toy box – the one with the hinged, great-potential-for-finger-smashing lid –  in the space where I played next to the kitchen of our house in Lima, Ohio, the first place I remember living.

And even when I’d outgrown them, they stayed part of the “box of blocks” that expanded through two more Booth boys and eventually filled about two-thirds of the original mailbox from the North Canton house where we all grew up.

Somewhere in my adult years, I got hold of two of these blocks and kept them around because they reminded me of being a little kid and how fascinated I was with the number of patterns it was possible to create in diamonds and triangles and stripes and zig-zags.

General Mills Fun Group black and white blocks

"Triangle Man, Triangle Man..."

Within the last few months, I found three more (I don’t remember how many were in the set originally – maybe eight) drifting around the bottom of the toy box that mom keeps at her house for all her grandkids, and I reunited them with the pair I had.

A side note which I like: The tiny embossed copyright on each block reads GMFGI, which stands for General Mills Fun Group, Inc. and is also present on several of my earliest Star Wars figures.

Adding the trio of new blocks pretty quickly reawakened the memory of those patterns I made when I was little, but I’ve also found myself messing around with new arrangements, using the corners and angled views as opposed to the sort of flat, mosaic designs that use just one set of faces.

You know what would be cool? Someone with time and patience and more talent than me could do some awfully nifty stuff with a couple hundred – or thousand – of these. I wouldn’t mind having a couple more myself, but honestly, I’ve never seen another set, and I haven’t been able to find them online.

It’s probably for the best – I do have work to do.

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