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Late last week, Adam pointed me to this quick but nice review of Collect All 21! over at Trusty Plinko Stick, which turns out to be a very cool blog – I refer you to Exhibit A, this 1986 commercial for Manitoba Curling (“Get swept up in the fun!”) and, as a closing argument, slam-dunk the case with DIY Doctor Who Toys, which includes the near-impossible feat of finding actual 1980s-era play value in an old FX-7 figure.

In addition to calling Collect All 21! “a pleasant helping of nostalgia chow,” TPS (Hey – if I provide updates on Bill D.’s blog, I can call it “The TPS Report!”) asks the question “…what about the Saturday morning cartoons, or the Ewok TV-movies?”

True: I don’t mention these in the book, because they really didn’t have a role in my Star Wars childhood.

I do remember the Ewoks/Droids Adventure Hour being on Saturday television, but by the time the show came out, I was going on 15 years old. While I wasn’t outgrowing Star Wars itself, the cartoons just didn’t grab me – my younger brothers watched them, I think, because they had the Ewok Fire Cart and the Wicket the Ewok board game. (I will admit that in the years since, the Droids cartoon artwork and the packaging from the associated Kenner toy line has really grown on me.)

The Ewok television movies Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor fall into that same time period, although I admit that I did watch both of these when they were on, maybe because being live action, they felt a little closer to “real” Star Wars, or maybe because of my little brothers again.

I’m also extremely grateful to The Retroist for a recent Collect All 21! recommendation and can’t emphasize enough how much fun I’m having going through Retroist’s podcast archives – the enthusiasm and research and detail and long lost audio clips that go into all these episodes on everything from Vectrex to Tales of the Gold Monkey (I thought I was the only person in the world who remembered loving that show!) make them utterly fantastic listens that keep sparking my own memories and also pack in tons of stuff I never knew.

Go fill your audio player of choice, and imagine this in that ubiquitious 1980s pitchman voiceover: “There are 47 episodes so far, and YOU can collect them ALL!”

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