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Science, ice, toys and space: Some snapshots from the North Coast

Kelsey and I went up to Cleveland on Tuesday for a screening of the new IMAX movie Hubbleour review is over at GeekDad – at the Great Lakes Science Center.

Rock Hall

Yes, I shot THROUGH the Great Lakes Science Center windows. It was sunny but cold enough that I didn't want to take the long way around outside. Click the photo for a bigger version.

Tuesday had one of those late-winter afternoons that practically defines the way Northeast Ohio bridges the seasons this time of year: Blazingly sunny, so that driving in the car is definitely a no-jacket affair, but chilly enough that even with a coat, you didn’t want to be walking around outside for very long at a time, especially in the shade.

Lots of ice still out there on Lake Erie, though, and I’d be surprised if there’s not still one more half-decent snow coming. (Every year since I’ve been back in Ohio, I think, we’ve had at least one early spring snowstorm, most memorably back in 2005, when Jim and I were on our way back from Star Wars Celebration III on April 24 – it was the first snow he’d seen in years.)

I shot a couple pictures from the science center’s atrium just because I liked the way the Rock Hall looked next to the ice chunks and the sky, and even though I also managed to capture the streaks on the glass, I thought the way the giant windows framed the scene was cool, too:

Lake Erie ice

Larger version is here for the clickin'.

The Rock Hall and more ice

The grid pattern on the Rock Hall came out nifty on this one, I think. Click for the bigger versions.


Just waiting for someone to come along for a tongue-on-the-chain Triple Dog Dare.

And even though we’ve been up to the science center before, I noticed this for the first time:

Parking Garage sign

Hm. Wonder where this goes?

Check it out – those are Galoob Micro Machines!

Micro Machines Parking Garage sign

Ifitdoesn'tsayMicroMachinesit'snottherealthing! (Click to make the Micros bigger.)

On the way home, among other things, we talked about Hubble, which includes an amazing trip into the heart of the Orion Nebula.

Last night, the sky was clear enough for me to set up the library telescope again, and familiar as that blue-white wisp was through the eyepiece, there was still just a bit more wonder in there.

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