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I’ve landed in a Mysterious Galaxy.

Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego

Photo: Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego, CA.

I only know Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego by reputation, but when I started planning for a trip out west this summer, I got in touch with them about maybe arranging a Collect All 21! reading while I was there. Although we couldn’t make that happen, co-owner Maryelizabeth Hart said the book did seem like a great fit for the store, so I’m extremely excited to say that they’re carrying signed copies on their shelves – For real – look here!

So, if you’re in San Diego and you’re a Star Wars fan, consider stopping in and checking it out: Even just picking it up and giving it a look would be great, because then, you know, other cool people like you will say, “Hey, what’s that incredibly interesting person reading? And what an amazing cover!”

(Yes, I’m being goofy. It doesn’t change the fact that I really am kind of bowled over by this, and I can’t wait to visit the store this summer and thank them in person.)

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