Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.


When I worked at the Orlando Sentinel, one of my office neighbors challenged me to build a device capable of launching his stuffed Pointy Haired Boss toy from my desktop all the way over the high cabinets between our cubicles and into his work area. I was limited to using only materials in my workspace.

Within a couple days I had built a catapult using two metal rulers, some note cards, paper clips, and a tape dispenser. Crude, but effective.

Last night, I met and chatted with a guy named John Austin, who’s designed crossbows to be made from pencils, pens and rubber bands. Very nice guy. And now I’m dead-set on getting my hands on this book he wrote, “Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction,” even though I work at home.

Purely as a defensive measure, of course.

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