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Five Things that Rocked at PAX East Day One

Meeting five of my fellow GeekDad writers, thus setting a new record for largest real-world gathering to date.

Wil Wheaton’s keynote.

Standing room only in the GeekDad “Bringing Up the Next Generation of Geeks” panel. (More on this when the weekend is over, but heartfelt thanks to everybody who came, because YOU MADE IT AWESOME.)

Running into Penny Arcade co-creator Mike Krahulik and getting a “special” snapshot for a friend back home.

Meeting and talking writing with  Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks author Ethan Gilsdorf.


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  1. You ran into Gabe? Nice.

    Comment by Michael Harrison | March 27, 2010 | Reply

    • Just for a minute – it was late, and I’m sure he was exhausted, but he was still taking time to chat with people. A friend of mine has a print of the trash-talking/”chuwero” Penny Arcade strip in his home office, so I asked Mike if he’d mind making an appropriately rude gesture of his choice as a nice complement to the art. I emailed the photo to my buddy this morning and it was met with great approval.

      Comment by jrbooth | March 29, 2010 | Reply

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