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Television – 6/17/82

Time enough for another quick visit to June 1982, courtesy of the final edition of The Cleveland Press. Today: TELEVISION LISTINGS.

Star Trek or Ironside ... Star Trek or Ironside...

TV listings: June 17, 1982. Click to see what's on.

This being the June after fifth grade for me, I would have been in summer TV mode, so I would absolutely have taken full advantage of WUAB-TV Channel 43’s morning slate of The Jetsons and Battle of The Planets. (Which was not called “G-Force,” despite what some people seemed to think when we were all growed up.) Maybe even a Rocky & Bullwinkle before starting my day for real. And had this still been during the school year, I would have absolutely come home and been glued to Lost in Space at 4 p.m. Depending on the weather, etc., I may also have partaken of some Brady Bunch. (Later on, you’ll note Channel 43 was home to The Rockford Files and Sanford and Son. Until I was a teenager, this was easily My Favoritest Channel.)

Also notable: Nickelodeon’s daytime programming at the time was still the five-hour block of Pinwheel.

Just-after-dinner viewing might have included Family Feud or M*A*S*H.

Now, it’s June, so Prime Time is reruns-and-movies territory, but you can see that  NBC (Channel 3) hasn’t reached its Golden Thursday era yet, with Fame still preceding Diff’rent Strokes and Gimme A Break before Hill Street Blues. (Seems weird to me that Fame was the 8 p.m. show, while the goofy sitcoms were on from 9 to 10 p.m.)

I also kind of like the large empty blocks where sations just WENT OFF THE AIR >gasp!< (Or, if they DID run informercials, they sure as hell didn’t advertise them in the listings. Screw you, Guthy-Renker.)

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