Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

These cakes are no lie.

I have projects to tackle and a presentation to finish up for tomorrow, so I’ll just hand over the cake and get back to work:

First, my brother Nick’s second Star Wars birthday cake – the sequel to this one, and, in true SW tradition, you’ll notice it comes three years later:

Give in to your sugar rush, Luke.

Just LOOKING at all that icing makes me hyper.

Next on the dessert cart is this cake, which I mention briefly in Collect All 21 as the only one I ever got which came close to making me as giddy as my 1978 Star Wars cake:

Nostalgia, cake-ified.

Cars, cartoon and cake. Trifecta.

Yes, it’s goofy, but this picture just unleashes a torrent of memories for several reasons.

First, it’s from my 1989 high school graduation, and I wrote a few essays last year looking at various aspects of why that year still holds meaning for me more than two decades later.

Second, that’s me behind the wheel of my Dad’s 1982 Corvette, and right this second I realize how surpisingly easy it is to remember exactly how it felt to settle into that driver’s seat, and what the car smelled like and how it felt when the engine revved, and the grip of the steering wheel. I’m glad I haven’t lost that. The two-tone-gray paint scheme on the cake is even accurate, and I’ll forgive the error of the cartoon ‘Vette being a full convertible. I can appreciate the need for artistic license, after all, especially in this case, because –

third, that’s a cartoon drawn by my old buddy Transformers / G.I. Joe / Gumbo creator extraordinaire Aaron Archer, back when he was still in high school. I’m pretty sure this photo is one of just two surviving Archer “portraits” of teenage me.

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