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An Empire and an era remembered

It’s a smashingly gorgeous day here in Northeast Ohio, which made me extra glad to see people show up for my “Memories of an Empire” talk today: Tons of thanks to Fairlawn-Bath branch adult services librarian Cathy Morgan for inviting me and for supporting Collect All 21, and double helpings of gratitude to friends Adam and Kato and Wendy, who all came out to hear me talk Star Wars. (Kato also shot these photos.)  Several people, including some next-generation SW enthusiasts, and a couple of the librarians also popped in, and I really hope they enjoyed the program as much as I enjoyed putting it on, because I really felt good about the way things went.

"Quack" open a book - and it's a picture of a duck!

"The battle station is heavily shielded and carries a firepower greater than half the starfleet. It's defenses - no, wait. Wrong movie."

There are now several copies of Collect All 21 in the Akron-Summit library system, and it’s more than a little bit neat to see that a few have already been checked out.

"Staaaar Waaaaaars, give me those Staaaar Waaaaars, don't let them ennnnd."

Gotta love the library.


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