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Empire Strikes (Flash)backs

As part of my presentation on Saturday, I scanned some images from the Marvel Comics adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back to go with a passage from Collect All 21!, and it seems fitting enough to share them this week, along with the few relevant notes from the book:

I did come away from that first viewing, though, with the two-dollar “Marvel Super Special Magazine” comics adaptation of the movie, since there was a special counter full of Empire merchandise set up there in the theater lobby.

I read it until its cover came off and then some. I tracked down a copy within the last few years and was surprised at how the full-color pictures

took me back and reminded me of all the differences between the comic and the movie. Luke’s post-Wampa plaster face mask; the ice creatures attacking inside the Hoth base; the Jedi training on Dagobah where Luke tries to slice up a metal bar; the silhouette of Vader’s bare head that actually makes it seem like he’s got curly hair. (I’d also forgotten about the full-page black-and-white ad in the middle of the book: a scantily-clad space-warrior-princess flanked by a couple snarling Yeti-gorilla things advertising a new Marvel Masterpiece – Bizarre Adventures 2! Seeing it sparked the memory of wondering what this had to do with Star Wars.)

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