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While I was looking through our family photo albums for Empire Strikes Back-related pictures, I found this shot of one of the more bizarre toys from my childhood: Welcome Back, Kotter Colorforms:

Hi there.

Sincerely, Epstein's Mother.

According to the note on the back, this picture’s from 1977, when we lived on 19th St. NW in Canton, Ohio. I could have cropped it closer to the actual Colorforms set itself, but I like the inclusion of the rug and the footstool and, at lower right, the case of the peel-apart film Polaroid camera with which this photo was taken.

Since I’m not in the picture, the possibility exists that, being six years old, I was so excited about creating my own wacky adventures with Mr. Kotter, Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington, Arnold Horshack, Vinnie Barbarino and Juan Luis Pedro Phillippo DeHuevos Epstein that I got my parents to let me take a picture to preserve the joy. (I’ve labeled the characters on the picture’s Flickr page, where there are also larger – though not much clearer – versions.)

There’s a great shot of the set and the Mad magazine-esque package art totally worth checking out over at Hake’s. (Although Epstein’s not mentioned in the cover text – what’s up with that?)

I do remember playing with this – as well as the “You’re A Pal, Snoopy” Colorforms I had, though I associate that set with the basement play room of the next house we lived in – and though I get the mix-and-match legs & torsos and props like the paper airplanes, to this day I can’t figure out what the hell that giant striped candy cane was for.

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