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A day at the College of Wooster

I drove to the College of Wooster today for the Power of the Pen state tournament – Kelsey qualified as a member of her middle school team. I’d never been to the campus before, so while I was waiting to meet up with her after lunch, I walked around a little bit and took some pictures. Neat place; a lot of nifty details to check out.

Reflection on Kauke Hall

Kenarden Lodge

John Buck - Omnibus, 2009

Now, part of what made this already cool day – I mean, seriously: state tournament! – even cooler was that Margaret Peterson Haddix was the guest of honor, and between her keynote speech and the afternoon awards assembly, she held a signing. (Kelsey really likes her stuff – she does a lot of YA writing, and I’ve been meaning to check out something with a more science-fiction angle like Found. Kelsey’s a big fan of Double Identity, so she got that signed.)

Margaret Peterson Haddix.

We walked around a bit after that – these giant hostas with rain beaded on them caught my eye –

Of course, I couldn’t resist this: (Hey, it’s my name, I’m allowed to make the lame and obvious joke. At least I didn’t make finger guns.)

So then, we’re heading back to the final awards ceremony, and right at the edge of the sidewalk, there’s this patch of clover, and a big four-leaf clover just jumps into my line of sight. For real – my eye hit the grass and boom! I leaned down and just picked this thing up.

As Kelsey’s friend is saying, “How did you do that? How do you just see a four-leaf clover while we’re walking past?” my daughter has knelt alongside and is already saying, “Here’s another one.”

Inside five minutes, we’ve plucked a half dozen four-leaf clovers from this patch that’s probably about one square foot, tops. (I’m figuring it’s because the plants in this spot are genetically related, but what do I know?) Here are the four Kelsey and I brought home. And it should be noted that yes, I only found that first one – it’s the one at the bottom of the photo – the girls were just lightning-quick spotting them after that.

There are a couple additional photos in the Flickr set.

It was a little disappointing that our school team didn’t place, especially since they had one of the largest groups of qualifiers and a load of cumulative points from district and regional tournaments – in fact, they had actually beaten the eventual state champion team twice in those competitions – but just being there was a ton of fun, and hey, when a day includes four four-leaf clover finds, well, it’s hard to complain.

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