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“Lost” fans losing it

So, there was this little TV show on Sunday night, and just a wee bit of a problem with the broadcast of said TV show here in Northeast Ohio.

For the record, here in Stark County on Time Warner Cable’s standard definition channel, we experienced about 5 seconds of lost audio at one point – no dialogue missed – followed by extremely brief glitches over the subsequent few minutes, but nothing distracting or jolting.

What’s kind of interesting is that the Cleveland ABC affiliate was running a much-hyped live “Lost Finale Chat” on their website, effectively preserving a text-blurb sketch of the spreading confusion and frustration and outrage from just before 9 p.m. until about an hour later when the moderator shut down the chat – which at that point, was mostly about the technical issues and not the show itself anyway.

Want to see what The Chat Wrath of Losties looks like? The chat’s archived here – you have to hit “play” and then scroll through – and from a technical standpoint, it might actually be of some worth to the station as far as figuring out exactly what went wrong, since the viewers were specifying their various locations and cable providers and channel information.

And my friend Marc observed that as things unraveled, the poor moderator – though exasperated himself – sounds a bit like Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House.

The vice president/general manager of WEWS issued what I thought was a surprisingly well-crafted apology and explanation yesterday – but of course, it doesn’t change what happened. (We’d need an airliner, Desmond, an empty coffin, a large electromagnetic pulse and Daniel Faraday’s notebook to do that.)

Still, as Hurley might have said, “Dude. That sucks.

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