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2010: My Geek Odyssey

Over the course of this YMCA gymnastics season, Kelsey qualified for this month’s Nationals in San Diego. (In fantastic fashion, I might add: She came so close to making the cut last year, but missed it by thatmuch a couple times. Then, even though they lowered the necessary qualification score this year, she surpassed last year’s threshold at all but the first two meets of the year. By this year’s standards, she achieved qualifying scores in all 10 meets. \m/ )

So we’re headed to San Diego, and it will be the first visit to California – in fact, the first trip west of Denver – for all of us, and we’ve been excited for months.

As soon as Kelsey qualified, I knew I was going to want to take advantage of the West Coast trip to visit some friends out there, but Jenn’s vacation limitations meant she only had room to take in the four-day Nationals.

And so the Road Trip was born. While my wife and daughter and my parents will (most sanely) fly to and from San Diego for the competition, I’ll be crossing the country by highway, stopping and staying with generous friends there and back and spending the extra Southern California nights in similar company.

It’s easily the longest drive I’ve ever planned, far outreaching the Ohio-to-Breckenridge, Colorado overland trek the three of us made in August 2000, but I’ve broken it up so none of the stretches come remotely close to the 16-to-19-hour Canton-to-Orlando nonstops that I’ve gotten used to over the past 17 years.

I’ve always wanted to do the cross-country drive, and you know, the chance may not come again: I’m in a place right now where work is flexible and I’ve still got the desire to make it happen, and I’m still so unhappy with so many things about air travel that if I can avoid it with any degree of practicality – and clearly, this trip indicates that I do mean just about any degree – I will.

This week is utterly packed with deadline work in addition to the trip prep, and various corners of my desk and my office are starting to gather piles of notes and supplies and just, you know stuff that I’m going to want and need.

Geekery will play a significant role in the trip, too, from the two GeekDad families I’ll be visiting to at least three other like-minded friends I’ll get a chance to hang out with, to a brief Star Wars sidetrek to the books I’m packing and the audio entertainment to my plans to try and document as much of the trip as possible thanks to my trusty Droid and possibly a tethered laptop if the silicon gods are in a good mood.

Now, anybody got a Mr. Fusion?

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  1. Love it. Can’t wait to meet you. Do you want to play games? Sit and talk? Eat voraciously? Let me know. =)

    Comment by Jenny Williams | June 7, 2010 | Reply

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