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Bat Boy? Hoax. Manigator? TOTALLY REAL.

Since it was usually Adam with whom I shared laughs over the Weekly World News back in high school and college, it’s fitting that when I stopped by to hang out with him for awhile yesterday, he surprised me with Issue #1 of the IDW Weekly World News comic.

I had a soft spot for WWN during what I felt was its 1980s peak, and when the tabloid folded in 2007, I wrote a reflection on those, um, “glory days” for American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report.

I liked what I found in this issue well enough that I’ll try to check out the remaining three in the miniseries, though I’ll admit that my enjoyment came less from the Ed Anger-driven storyline and more from the pop culture and classic WWN storyline references and visual cues woven throughout. Aliens and Satan smoke monsters and “The Dark Knight Returns” glimpses? I’ll take it. (And writer Chris Ryall even said he “eased into” those references for the debut, which really piques my interest to see how far he went as the series progressed.)

And for what it’s worth, I used to live in Orlando, so I know Manigator’s real: I saw him once coming out of a Krystal.

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