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So, here I am in Eureka, Missouri, on Old Route 66, after a pretty smooth 11-hour drive. (I lost most of an hour back in Brazil, Indiana on an off-highway Quest for Bread – figured I’d test the Android “Around Me” app to find a grocery store rather than paying Interstate gas station prices. Nice little detour, and the app got me right to a Kroger.)

It’s been almost 12 hours since I left home this morning, and getting ready there, in the pre-dawn darkness while Jenn & Kelsey slept, this thought went through my head: “Suddenly, this seems very foolish.” It was the hour, I think, and the anticipation of missing home and family, and I know I could have been on the road probably by 4:30 but I dawdled because just for that little bit, I kind of wasn’t ready to do this.

Once I was in the driver’s seat, though, I felt much better, and the excitement of the trip returned, and it was a nice drive, broken up by the passage of cities and state lines and the slowly changing landscape.

(Note to state highway departments: If a city is more than, say 150 miles away, noting the distance on signs in increments of less than 10 miles is just mean. Nothing like seeing “226 miles” and then “223” and “219.”)

Jenn & Kelsey & I drove I-70 to Colorado back in 2000, so I didn’t hit my own untraveled road until heading south from St. Louis late in today’s trek.

It’s hot and breezy and alternating between overcast and sunny, with a coin-flip’s chance of rain in the forecast. I thought I’d be more tired by now, but I’m kind of glad I’m not – hopefully it means I’ll be exhausted later and crash for a good night’s sleep.

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