Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Of weather, sleep and running.


Naturally, after all my waffling last night over sleeping in the tent or packing it up and staying in the car due to what was supposedly a greater-than-50%-chance of thunderstorms in the middle of the night, I slept in the car – and there was nary a drop of rain nor a hint of thunder. (For the record, it wasn’t the rain that would have bugged me – it was the possibility of having to pack up a wet tent this morning.)

And I actually slept pretty well from about 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Not the most restful of nights, but hardly what I’d call fitful or uncomfortable.

I’ve only got 5-6 hours on the road today, so rather than start driving early, I decided to go for a short run and give the Droid’s “My Tracks” app a test.

Sun wasn’t fully up yet, but it was already warm when I headed east on Old Route 66. It was just a short stretch, but the road had a nice berm for running: basically a full lane wide, and at any rate, there was hardly any traffic, it being 5:30 in the morning and all.

And hey, look, kids – I ran to Wally World!


(Six Flags, actually, and yes, for a moment, the Chariots of Fire theme did go through my head Clark W. Griswold style.)

Ran a little loop up to the edge of the parking lot, then swung around and headed back to camp.

My Tracks seemed to work well: I recorded 2.88 miles, which is the shortest distance I’ve done in a long time – but I was only shooting for 2 anyway, and I never pushed my speed. The app charted speed (maximum and average), as well as total time and moving time (I stopped to take that picture, and again at an intersection or two), and elevation high and low.

Back at the campground I showered up and headed to this convenient McD’s for a coffee and this bit of writing.

Time to get back on the highway!

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