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Star Wars Subway Revival

Several people – including fellow GeekDad writer Doug Cornelius – pointed me to this excellent use of Star Wars by New York’s Improv Everywhere, and it just fills me with a ridiculous amount of joy:

Sure, Star Wars parodies and mash-ups and tweaks and remixes are about as rare as a Vader figure with a missing cape and busted lightsaber, but this video really reminds me in so many ways why I love the saga and the original trilogy in particular. And the reasons have very little to do with the movies themselves.

It’s all in the reaction.

From the guy at the beginning who chuckles at the “Galactic Rebellion for Dummies” title to the half-scowls that almost involuntarily become smiles to the cell phones and cameras that quickly pop up to preserve the moment, there’s just such a generally positive response to what’s unfolding.

Warts and midichlorians and prequels and someone rhyming with Car Car Sphinx and all, Star Wars still touches something in people, still makes them genuinely grin in a particular way, and I love that.

And think about it: There’s absolutely nothing inherently funny about this scene. It’s not like they’re dancing to the Cantina Band or cracking wise with “Laugh it up, Fuzzball.” It’s not even a particularly iconic scene with the imagery, say, of a Rebel commander hoisted one-handed and having his throat crushed. It’s just a couple minutes from Star Wars.

You try this with Star Trek, for instance – and let me say that I am a fan of the best that universe has to offer, too – you re-enact Spock’s Wrath of Khan death scene, or the appearance of Locutus of Borg, or whatever poisons your green blood, and I don’t think you get the same crowd reactions. (I could be wrong – if someone’s pulled this off, I look forward to seeing the video.) Similarly, I don’t think it’d work with a scene from Jaws or The Goonies or The Godfather, either. (Raiders of the Lost Ark? Maybe. Just maybe.)

Hell, even scenes from Star Wars’ own prequels wouldn’t work the same magic, because they just haven’t embedded themselves in our collective psyche in the same way.

I can be super-jaded about my Favorite Movies Ever. Fortunately, there are things like this video that help remind me why I loved them in the first place.

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