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Dungeons and Dragons and Family and Friends

Back in May, still buzzing from the gaming high I got at PAX East and in the wake of reading Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, I took my first steps back into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, a place I hadn’t visited since middle school.

I created a character, found myself half-dreaming scenes from his family history, got excited about buying dice, and eventually sat down at the table for my first real D&D adventure.

But the best part of all was sharing the three-session adventure with Jenn & Kelsey, and out of that came this piece I wrote for GeekDad this week.

I have +2 Family and Friends of Awesome

Click the picture to visit the article at's GeekDad.

Some other bits and pieces not in the GeekDad post:

  • Kato observed on the first night that the females at the table outnumbered the males, so screw that stereotype.
  • I found myself thinking more than once that I can remember my parents at 39 and couldn’t for the life of me imagine them sitting down to play Dungeons & Dragons. Then I thought of all the nights they got together with the neighbors and played cards or Scrabble, or later on when my brothers were older and we all played Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit with friends and family and I thought, “No difference. Game night is game night. Period.”

The whole experience – inspired in particular by Ethan Gilsdorf and Michael Harrison and Natania Barron and made possible by our awesome friends Kato and Wendy – just went far beyond my expectations as both a player and a husband and a dad.

I can’t wait to get the next adventure under way.

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  1. Awesome. And inspiring. But I know no one local who would DM a campaign for us. And it would sooo not be my forte.

    Comment by Jenny Williams | July 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] There was March’s long weekend trip to PAX East, where I got to meet several of my fellow GeekDad writers for the first time – and be a part of the first-ever GeekDad convention panel. Met Wil Wheaton and Scott Kurtz and Bill Amend and Ethan Gilsdorf, and the whole weekend sparked my return to Dungeons & Dragons, this time with Kelsey and Jenn alongside. […]

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  3. Excellent! We too are about to start up again after many years of missing my half-elf thief/wizard alter-ego. (and I am much older than you….)

    Our first game will consist of my husband who has never played, my son and his girlfriend (both in their 30s) and his best friend who is in med school and needs a diversion — and his girlfriend. The characters have been rolled up — we start this Saturday night!

    We’re rotating the DM job– each of us (except the med student) will take 4 nights’ worth of gaming and then pass it on — the 6th character will be played by committee.

    The anticipation is running so high that I can hardly sleep for thinking about it!

    You’re a good dad — all their friends will be jealous!

    Comment by lynn | March 23, 2011 | Reply

    • Lynn -I hope you write on your blog about the rotating DM job: I’m curious to see how that works out! It’ll be awhile before I’m confident enough to sit behind the screen. (Plus, we have an AWESOME DM :) – he writes at

      Comment by jrbooth | March 23, 2011 | Reply

      • I’m interested to see how it works, too. lol I played in my 20s — mostly as a player, but after that I was always the DM. This time, we ALL want to play so this seemed like a possible solution. We’re all planning 4-night adventures (which is a challenge all its own.)

        My players are wanting a blog digest of the games as well…. I’ll read your friends blog and see how he documents things!

        Comment by lynn | March 23, 2011

  4. […] only person I knew at the table was Fred, the store owner and Dungeon Master, and I hadn’t played D&D since summer 2010. It was already week three of the Lost Crown of Neverwinter adventure, so in the interest of saving […]

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