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Road Trip photos: June 22 – Sea World San Diego

Click to see the whole set.

We spent most of Tuesday, June 22 at Sea World San Diego for the opening ceremonies of the 2010 YMCA Gymnastics Nationals.

I’ll admit that I’m conflicted sometimes about zoos and aquarium parks: On the one hand, they really are fascinating and educational and offer a chance to see and touch amazing creatures up close that most people never would. On the other, yes, there’s often something sad that sneaks up on me when I stay too long at one habitat or another and watch the animals in their enclosure.

Sea World also strikes childhood happychords because we used to have one within an hour of my house. (Yes, here in OHIO. I was always amazed, living in Florida, at people who said, “Really? But that’s so WEIRD – there’s no SEA in Ohio!” To which I responded, “No kidding – that’s why we needed SEA WORLD.” Having a Sea World within a day’s drive of the ocean itself is what I thought was bizarre.)

So Jenn and Kelsey and Mom and Jeff and I had a good day hanging out and watching a couple shows and just enjoying being in southern California together, and then sharing the later parts of the afternoon with Kelsey’s teammates and their parents after the opening ceremonies.

It was the kind of day where the important moments didn’t necessarily lend themselves to photography – our fun family ride on Atlantis; Kels and her friends gathered poolside to pet stingrays; watching my mom and daughter and a bunch of other North Canton visitors take on the whitewater attraction.

Still, it was a gorgeous, sunny day, and there were some photogenic penguins and polar bears – and you can visit them all here.

Not a ton of photos, but you can click and see 'em all!

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