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Pick a Doctor, Any Doctor

I watched my first pre-2005 Doctor Who episodes over the weekend. Not only did they more than make up for my perception of the show as a kid, they inspired a GeekDad post:

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College Radio Daze

Summer, 1991: Chuck Treece visits WBGU, thanks to the connections of my pal Ivan, the station’s metal director:

Chuck Treece at WBGU, 88.1 fm, Bowling Green State University

Photo by Ivan Knapp. Click to embiggen.

The year that Chuck Treece released his Dream’n album, Ivan and I had stayed in Bowling Green for the summer after our sophomore year. Ivan was the metal director at 88.1 fm WBGU, and had managed to bring Chuck to town for a publicity visit. We drove to Toledo to pick him up, and he crashed at our apartment for a couple nights, did some on-air interviews, recorded some show promos, and just hung out. Nice guy. Fun couple of days.

This snapshot is quite the little slice of college flashback pie, from the Nine Inch Nails shirt I’d gotten at a show in Columbus in January that year (1991) to the flyers for Howard’s Club H and a few bands which featured friends of mine – Gone Daddy Finch and the Escaped Fetal Pigs. (What? You’ve never heard the Pigs’ rock anthem “Oompa Loompa Love?” You. Haven’t. LIVED.)

“Violin” was my favorite Chuck Treece song – the sound is good in this 1990 clip of his band McRad performing it:

– but this one’s better for watching him play:

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Parking lot rain

In the grocery store parking lot, I was hypnotized by the pattern of the rain on the windshield, projected onto the back of my grocery list.

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Firecrackers and apple blossoms

Apple tree and blossoms

This apple tree in our backyard is probably pushing 40 years old – I can’t recall it ever not being here, and my family moved in across the street in mid-1977.

Once, one of my neighbors and I were picking up apples from the ground, plugging firecrackers in them, and hurling them grenade-style into the woods. (Okay: I was the one lighting the fuses on the loaded apples as he cocked his throwing arm back.) Obligatory disclaimer: This was among the many stupid things I did as a kid. If you are a kid, do not do this thing, for it is stupid.

A haiku interlude:

Putting firecrackers

in apples can be such fun:

Beware the quick fuse.

We stopped after one of the apples blew up alongside my friend’s head mid-throw. No real injury, but I’m pretty sure he had apple pulp impacted in his ear canal for a week or so.

It’s a funny, loud memory, and it mixed interestingly with this afternoon’s sunny, tranquil scene:

apple blossoms

apple tree close-up

apple tree branch

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Return of the Jim

I was a huge Jim’s Journal fan from my first exposure to the comic during my freshman year at Bowling Green State University, fall of 1989.

Which means I’m hugely excited that Scott Dikkers has brought him back.

Jim's Journal at

New strips and classics running daily at GoComics!

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Double rainbow is double.


In roughly a 20-minute span, we went from blue skies and puffy clouds to end-of-the-world lumbering dark to a Phoenix-flame sunset which created this magnificence.

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Today in Geek History: Quantum Leap


Today in #GeekHistory 5/5/1993: Quantum Leap airs its final episode on NBC. Maybe his next leap, will be the leap… home.

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Fifteen years ago today:

May 4, 1996

Jenn and I set our wedding for 2 p.m. in her uncle’s backyard near Springfield, Virginia.

That morning, there was:

  • rain
  • wet paint on the window frames, marking the last, last, LAST minute touches to a week’s worth of serious clean-up and moderate remodeling
  • more rain
  • an alarming moment involving a car with a not-quite-set parking brake
  • a commode sitting alongside the house, right next to the driveway where everyone would be parking, and
  • rain

The sun came out just after lunch(though the rain returned with a great lashing, blinding storm around dinnertime), my middle brother Nick got white paint on his jacket, we hid the commode,  and then a few dozen really awesome people came over and spent a few hours on a nice afternoon while another couple people who had no idea how young they were and what lay ahead stood on a freshly-swept back porch and decided that it’d be a fine day to get married after all.

Happy Anniversary, Jenn.

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