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Fifteen years ago today:

May 4, 1996

Jenn and I set our wedding for 2 p.m. in her uncle’s backyard near Springfield, Virginia.

That morning, there was:

  • rain
  • wet paint on the window frames, marking the last, last, LAST minute touches to a week’s worth of serious clean-up and moderate remodeling
  • more rain
  • an alarming moment involving a car with a not-quite-set parking brake
  • a commode sitting alongside the house, right next to the driveway where everyone would be parking, and
  • rain

The sun came out just after lunch(though the rain returned with a great lashing, blinding storm around dinnertime), my middle brother Nick got white paint on his jacket, we hid the commode,  and then a few dozen really awesome people came over and spent a few hours on a nice afternoon while another couple people who had no idea how young they were and what lay ahead stood on a freshly-swept back porch and decided that it’d be a fine day to get married after all.

Happy Anniversary, Jenn.

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  1. It paid that day to know someone in a High Place. Happy 64th birthday, Rich.

    Comment by Mom | May 6, 2011 | Reply

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