Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

Five things that made my weekend great:

1 ) Super 8 with Jenn & Kelsey Friday night. (Separate blog entry on the movie forthcoming.)

2) Completion of writing and editing duties for a soon-to-be-unveiled project.

3) Saturday: Summerish evening spent taking Kels to drive-in dinner at Sonic, then an hour or so just driving around some of the rural roads and talking. Also – at her request – introduced her to an off-the-beaten-path cemetery where there’s a statue that still kind of spooks me a little. (And yes, Weeping Angels references were made.)

4) North Coast Comic Con: My friend Bryan and I talked about his Giant Monsters Fighting A Lot miniatures game, Kaiju Kaos – which I’m looking forward to playing at GenCon in August – and I caught up with Sean Forney and talked about conventions and other assorted nerditry.

5) Kels & I made a frozen lasagna and Texas toast garlic bread for dinner, watched some Doctor Who while we ate, and followed up with fresh brownies she made as a surprise while I was at the convention.

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