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A Dollar Well-Spent

One of the details I loved in the background of Super 8 was a 1970s-era Warren Presents science fiction magazine which looked a lot like the ones I used to find in the cheap bins at comic book stores.

So, the day after seeing Super 8, I’m at a small, local comic show, and I find this thing of beauty – for a BUCK:

Science Fantasy Film Classics

Volume 1, Number 1.

Now, I’m going to buy it anyway, before I even know the price, because it’s got that early “pointy W” in the Star Wars logo, and I think that’s pretty neat. The same logo’s on an interior page, too:

Star Wars early logo

I love that the escape pod overlaps the logo, like it's in front of the letters.

But the treasure-finding’s not over. There’s an ad for Star Wars on 8mm –

Star Wars 8mm

"Almost 8 minutes!"

… and one of the more bizarre George Lucas caricatures I’ve seen:

George Lucas by Anghelo

Man, were the '70s weird.

At this point, I’m buying the thing for sure, but it’s not until I get home that I take the time to unfold this masterpiece:

2001: Forbidden Star Odyssey Planet Wars

2001: Forbidden Star Odyssey Planet Wars

Art by Michael Stein (art director of the magazine), coloring by Jeff or Geff or Geoff Darrow (it’s spelled all 3 ways within the pages), this works in elements from all three classic movies mentioned on the cover. I struggled to get a good photo without a flash – the creases and the glare made for terrible glare otherwise – so the yellow appearance is actually an effect of the lighting. The glossy poster’s colors are really eye-popping in reality, but I think this still captures the feel of the era and the fandom nicely.

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  1. Holy cow! That’s the most amazing poster I’ve ever seen.

    Comment by Doc Atomic | June 16, 2011 | Reply

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  3. Sadly, C-3PO then told Robby to watch his hands, and their relationship soured.

    Comment by Alex | June 26, 2011 | Reply

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