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12 Items Or Less

I spent the afternoon hanging out with my daughter – running errands, hitting a couple bookstores, and then picking up a few groceries at Giant Eagle.

We didn’t buy many groceries, so we headed to a self-checkout lane, and since Kels prefers to scan the items, I stepped toward the bagging end of the lane, only to see that a helpful employee had already stepped up and begun bagging our stuff for us. “Thanks,” I said with a nod, and then I turned back to hand groceries to my daughter for scanning.

So we finish up, pay for our purchase, and then step down to the end of the lane to grab the bags. Having finished his work, the bagger has stepped away.

“Hey,” I say to Kels,”Where’s our gallon of water?” There’s a gallon of milk in front of me, and two plastic bags of groceries.

I look to my left, back at the grocery cart we’d been using: empty.

I look back at the grocery conveyor belt: empty.

I check the receipt: the water’s there, so it was obviously rung up. And yet there’s nothing here in front of me but the milk and these two bags, which, it dawns on me, look like precious few groceries considering the total on the bill, and as the confusion starts to really take hold –

– I turn around and look into a cart behind me – which, of course, holds a gallon of water and four bags of groceries, right where the bagger had set them as they were filled. The whole thing lasted maybe 20 or 30 seconds.

Kels and I shake our heads and grin and laugh at ourselves (okay, mostly at me) and this is when I notice the bagger, standing not six feet away, pleasantly overlooking the row of checkout lanes to see where he might be needed next. He catches my eye, and I say, with genuine good humor, “You were enjoying that, weren’t you?”

He shrugs and smiles, and nods briefly. “A little bit.”

“Well-played, sir.”

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