Cornfield Meet

Things collide here.

So October begins.

Fall is still my favorite season, but this weekend has been a real kick-to-the-heart kind of deal.

Setting the stage was the cold gray weather front which arrived Friday, seemingly in tandem with the woods all around us rounding that first color-changing corner and starting to shed their driest leaves in the wind.

Saturday, my daughter attended her first high school homecoming dance, which is joyous and heartbreaking and fun and sad, and then she came home with one of her friends and stayed up until 4 a.m. on a Doctor Who season-ending marathon, which is all kinds of awesome.

Sunday, Jenn & Kelsey & I drove to Columbus to attend the memorial service for our friend Elise, who died unexpectedly last week and was just 31 years old. We used to see her several times a year on our visits for the Dublin Irish Festival and for any-excuse-to-get-together-and-play-Rock-Band parties. She was a big-hearted, full-on rock-horn-throwing Star Wars fan video gaming life-enriching geek – and so much more, of course – and it sucks that she’s gone. You would have liked her.

We stopped a Steak ‘n Shake for dinner on the way home, where our server was a kind and cheerful grandmotherly type who was so friendly and warm that she managed to make us feel a little better.

Back on the interstate, darkness fell, and Jenn put Automatic for the People on the stereo.

As we drove east, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw, distantly, a deep orange band on the horizon, someplace where there were no clouds hiding the sunset.

October 2, 2011 - Posted by | geek, Ohio

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  1. […] I want some moments back. I want to have spent more time with her. I want to see her at next year’s Irish Festival and snake a seat with her at the whiskey tasting. I want to grab her by the arm and run around the vendor tents and get temporary Gaelic tattoos. I want to dance to Irish music with her again. Eat fish and chips. Play Guitar Hero and RockBand. Just one more time. […]

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